About us

Henry McGannon


Director, Editor

The man who once asked, "What if we made a website called Disap.io?",  Mr. McGannon has been monitoring the website and creating content in every branch of science. He is a very hardworking man, and without him, Disap.io wouldn't be what it is today. 

Matthew Meyers


Director, Editor 

Known for his abilities in the classroom, Mr. Meyers has been managing and creating content in all branches of science. He is dedicated to ensuring that all the content on the website is accurate and informative and will continue to improve the site so that it becomes the best resource it can be.

Alexander Bein


Head of Biology, Editor

A man of wide breadth, Mr. Bein has been instrumental in the construction of both the chemistry and the biology pages while ensuring the accuracy of information presented on the website.

Thomas Fenaroli


Head of Physics, Editor

When he was a small boy, Mr. Fenaroli asked, "Why does this pebble fall to the ground when I let go of it?" His fascination with physics led him to develop the physics page of Disap.io. He also manages the website's Instagram, @disap.io, with good pal and fellow science lover Matthew Pilc.

Kyle Xiong


 Head of Calculations, Editor 

Mr. Xiong has been working on disap.io for many years. Known for his abilities in mathematics, he works tirelessly to ensure that there are no faults in any calculations on Disap.io, while simultaneously working on the chemistry and physics pages.

Ethan Todd


Head of Chemistry, Editor

From a very young age, Mr. Todd has been captivated by the possibilities that chemistry has to offer to the world. This has led him to work very hard on the chemistry page, the original plan for the website.

Robert Donnellan


Head of Advertisement, Head of Events

Mr. Donnellan has been an important asset to the team by overseeing the chemistry page as well as the environmental science page. His initial investment as well as editing and restructuring of pages have made him crucial to the success of Disap.io.

Shun Sakai


Head of Newsletter, Assistant Head of Physics, Editor

Mr. Sakai has been second-in-command to Thomas Fenaroli since the website's inception. These two physics scholars have split the hefty responsibilities that come along with being in charge of the physics section of Disap.io. He has also made valuable edits in the chemistry section.

Tom Barry


Assistant Head of Environmental Science, Editor

Mr. Barry has been tasked, in conjunction with Robert Donnellan, with creating the environmental science pages. He is excited to help out his school community by providing them with reliable information on environmental  science.