Solute and Solvent
Solids, Liquids, and Gases  which are labeled solute are dissolved in liquids referred to as solvents. 

*Under condition solvent is a liquid the difference between solute and solvent is not clear.

Concentrated Solutions: High solute per (insert unit) volume

example: Protein Shakes

Dilute Solution: Low solute per (insert unit) volume

*Trace amounts refers to extremely low concentration

Saturated Solution: When not more solute can be dissolved in a solvent

Miscible Liquids can be mixed to make a solution

*Ex. Water and Ethyl Alcohol

Immiscible Liquids cannot be mixed (for the most part) to make a solution

*Ex. Oil and Water (Oil Spills)


Molarity is the concentration of a solution, typically expressed as the number of moles per liter of solution (M).

Boiling Point Elevation

Increase in solute raises boiling point of solvent

Predicting Solubility

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